• Donna Visocky - Pennie Hunt - Merrie Lynn Ross - Sarina Baptista Fort Collins, CO · Friday, September 11 · 7:00pm

    Donna Visocky - Pennie Hunt - Merrie Lynn Ross - Sarina Baptista

    Shift Happens - An inspirational evening of hope, healing and humor. Sometimes you’re ready to make a change and sometimes change kicks you right in the heart when you least expect it. Suddenly you’re knee deep in shift again. When shift happens, you can resist, assist or persist in spite of it. Are you ready to jumpstart Shift Mastery, gain clarity of vision and ignite purposeful direction?

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  • Bruce Lipton Monday, November 30 · 12:01pm

    Bruce Lipton

    Get Your Shift Together with Bruce Lipton & Joe Dispenza - Audio Recording

    Missed this amazing workshop with two of world's leading visionaries?

    This unique and rare collaboration between Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza highlights their unique paths as they explore the common ground for transforming human consciousness in this critical period of our history.

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Image for Today I am the creator of me

Today I am the creator of me

Each morning, as I stand in the shower, I repeat this mantra:


I choose that my thoughts, my words and my deeds reflect only my higher self and not my ego.

I remember who I am, a Divine Spark of God.

I walk in my essence of God.

These words set my intention for the day, creating an energy that helps me to balance the ups and downs and the challenges that life throws at me, keeping me on a steady course. And when I am mindful, and can maintain that energy, wow, what a difference it makes in my day and my life. more

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