• Dr. Sue Morter Fort Collins, CO · Friday, February 27 · 7:00pm

    Dr. Sue Morter

    What’s Next is NOW-Embodying the Frontier of Consciousness The next steps in the Evolution of Consciousness are upon us and evident. Beyond attraction and beyond efforts in manifesting, there is a way of being—previously elusive—that liberates the heart, enlightens the mind, and embodies the Spirit. Healing and empowerment result as simple by-products of revealing our true magnificence.

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  • Dr. Sue Morter Fort Collins, CO · Saturday, February 28 · 9:30am

    Dr. Sue Morter

    POWER OF AUTHENTICITY - Reveal Your Passion, Retrain Your Brain & Reframe Your Life Using the power of quantum mechanics, meditation and BioEnergetics, Dr. Sue Morter teaches you how to remove subconscious interference in your personal energy fields to move the flow of your life toward manifesting your most profound goals and visions. Join Dr. Sue for a full day of transformative interaction, healing meditations, and proven techniques for clearing the subconscious blocks that limit you and keep you from engaging your true power. Learn to use more than your thinking mind to resolve the challenges of your life.

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  • Bruce Lipton Thursday, April 30 · 12:01pm

    Bruce Lipton

    Get Your Shift Together with Bruce Lipton & Joe Dispenza - Audio Recording

    Missed this amazing workshop with two of world's leading visionaries?

    This unique and rare collaboration between Bruce H. Lipton and Dr. Joe Dispenza highlights their unique paths as they explore the common ground for transforming human consciousness in this critical period of our history.

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2015 Brings New Energy and a New Look

It seems like just yesterday that we purchased the magazine The Healing Path and eventually converted it to BellaSpark Magazine. Have to admit, there are still times I wonder “What the hell was I thinking?” But all in all, the past eight years have been wonderful. BellaSpark’s mission has always been to provide interesting and sometimes thought-provoking information in the new-thought, spirituality and holistic health arenas. Information that will ignite your beautiful spark and allow you to have a better understanding of the world we live in. The magazine is a wonderful vehicle to discuss and share. So, as we… more

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