• Dannion Brinkley Sedona, AZ · Friday, October 17 · 7:00pm

    Dannion Brinkley

    Join Donna Visocky and Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley and friends for a magical and co-creative adventure in the red rocks of Sedona as we discover the Mystical realms of life, the psychological and spiritual practices for assisting the dying in their next great adventure, and traverse life after loss.

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  • Panache Desai Fort Collins, CO · Friday, October 24 · 7:00pm

    Panache Desai

    Are you stuck in a rut waiting for your life to happen? Do you feel you’re being called to something greater?

    If you long to end an internal hardship or have had enough of feeling like you are just getting by, it may be time to stop doing what you’ve been doing and start being who you were meant to be.

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  • Panache Desai Fort Collins, CO · Saturday, October 25 · 9:30am

    Panache Desai

    An Exhilarating, Experiential Day-long Intensive
    Are you resigned to thinking that the life you dream of is always just out of reach?
    The true secret to manifesting vibrant health, unconditional love, economic comfort and a deep connection to the Divine is already inside you, but it can be your feelings of unworthiness that continually hold you back from the life you desire. Through a process of vibrational transformation, Panache helps you step out of the need to improve or fix yourself and dismantle the emotional blocks and density that make you feel undeserving or unworthy of abundance, allowing you to courageously step into the greatness of your true self, embrace your unique Soul Signature and allow your boundless love to inform every aspect of your life.

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Image for Running is a lot like life

Running is a lot like life

I have started running. You might be wondering why a woman would begin running at age 62. It’s a question I have asked myself often. I have never been into running, after all I have short legs and small lung capacity. This is not a runner’s body; at least that’s what I tell myself. I started out walking, a nice two mile path that got me going in the morning. Somewhere from within I got the nudge to try running a bit. So I would run a little and then walk, run a little more, walk, and so forth. One morning the message in my head was “What would it feel like to run the entire way? Do you think you could?” So I gave it a shot and sure enough, I was able to run the full two miles non-stop.

Now I run just about every morning, deftly stepping over rollie pollie bugs, spiders, a zillion ants and the angleworms brought out by a recent rain. I’m not very fast, in fact I can almost walk faster than I can run, yet I love the way running moves my body. more

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Our articles feature comprehensive and leading-edge topics on holistic medicine, nutrition and health, spirituality,sustainable living bodywork and personal growth. You’ll hear from trusted experts, best-selling authors and international speakers. more

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