• Donna Visocky Estes Park, CO · Sunday, December 13 · 11:00am

    Donna Visocky

    Navigating the Path of Consciousness You’re awake, now what? For once you wake up to the truth that you are indeed a Divine Spark of God, you can never go…

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  • Donna Visocky Seattle, WA · Sunday, February 14 · 7:00pm

    Donna Visocky

    Live Your Dream - It's Never Too Late! Join Donna at the WOW Conference in Seattle. If you could do anything you wanted, be anything you wanted, what would that be? The dream you brought with you into this world is calling you still, waiting to be born in new and imaginative ways. Are you being true to it? Learn tools for leading a heart-centered and expansive life.

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  • Donna Visocky St. Louis, MO · Thursday, May 12 · 9:00am

    Donna Visocky

    Woo–Woo in the World… Living a multi-dimensional life in a 3-D reality Join Donna at the 6th Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference.In this fun-filled talk, Donna will share how to be spiritual in an everyday world. Can we really be in the world but not of it?

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Image for Love, the Greatest Gift of All

Love, the Greatest Gift of All

Have you ever noticed how much stuff we have? Gadgets for this and tools for that, clothes we don’t even wear, the latest toys that sit unplayed with, and big houses filled with more stuff. We are jealous of other people’s stuff and tend to feel less than if someone has more stuff than us. So we end up working long hours just to buy more stuff, often using credit cards to finance our addiction. And then we fret over it and worry that we won’t be able to pay our bills so we work even longer hours. We live… more

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